Thank you for visiting the web site of the Oklahoma State Beekeeper Association (OSBA). The goal of our organization is to provide education to beekeepers and the general public about honey bees and the important role they play in the pollination of plants that provide the food we eat. Our local beekeeper clubs have been growing by leaps and bounds the past few years as more people become aware of the importance of honey bees to our society.

We are fortunate in Oklahoma to have the Oklahoma Apiary Act and the Oklahoma Honey Sales Act, which provide a favorable environment for hobby beekeepers and small commercial beekeeper to maintain hives within municipal limits and sell their honey without the requirement to have a commercial kitchen in which to bottle the honey.
If you are already part of a local club, you know how beneficial it is to talk to other beekeepers and listen to presentations on beekeeping topics each month. It has been said that if one were to ask a beekeeping question of 6 different beekeepers, the result would be 7 different answers. If you are not a member of a local beekeeper club, consider visiting the club located closest to you this month and learning new ideas about beekeeping.

Maribeth Snapp, President