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Spring 2015 OSBA Conference

The OSBA Spring conference will be held on March 14th, 2015 at the Logan County Fairgrounds and will be hosted by Frontier Country Beekeepers and Northwest Oklahoma Beekeepers. This meeting will be located at the Free Fair Education Building, 1201 S. Division St., Guthrie, OK 73044. Registration will begin at 8:00AM and the meeting will start at 9:00AM. Donuts and coffee will be served. We will also be having a “pot luck” dinner. Drinks will be provided by OSBA.
Our guest speaker will be Tommy Thornton. His is a member of Central Oklahoma Beekeepers Association and is the owner of Beekeeping Etc., a beekeeping supply store in Oklahoma City. Tommy has been a longtime beekeeper and has some topics he would like to share with us. Beekeeping Etc. will be present as a vendor and may be reached at beekeepingetc.com or by phone at 405-600-7200 for orders delivered to the meeting without shipping charges.
The local beekeeping association at the Spring Conference with the most members present (other than the host clubs) will win the annual “Wandering Bee Award”. I am looking forward to seeing all of you at the meeting and hope that your association is well represented.
Alan Larson

OSBA was formed in 1939 then Incorporated Septemper 7, 1976.

The origin of the Oklahoma State Beekeepers Association has been traced back some 70 years. However, written records are very inconclusive or non-existent; therefore, the historical report has been based largely on people's recollections of dates and events.
The Oklahoma State Beekeepers Association was formed in 1938 or 1939, according to Mr. J. M. Goin of Rattan, Oklahoma. Mr. Goin worked for the Entomology Division of the Oklahoma State Department of Agriculture. He entered the department in 1938. Shortly after that, possibly in 1939, the first State Association was formed. Mr. Bob Blackwell of Oklahoma City was the first president.

We worked hard to get where we are!

Gradually the Association began to grow. More and more people became aware of the importance of beekeeping and the desire for recognition prompted them to join the Association and attend the meetings. During this period the meetings were held in the Skirvin Hotel in Oklahoma City. With the growing interest in beekeeping and with beekeepers scattered all over the state, this prompted the idea for beekeepers in different areas of the state to form local associations. Beekeepers in the northeastern section of the state were the first local to organize with the "Northeastern Oklahoma Beekeepers Association, with headquarters at Claremore in 1967. In March of 1968, the "East Central Oklahoma Beekeepers Association" was organized with headquarters in Ada, Oklahoma. In October of 1968, the Northwestern Oklahoma Beekeepers Association was formed at Enid. As previously stated, the State Association held most of their meetings in Oklahoma City; however, with the organization of various local associations over the state, this led to the ruling of having the spring meetings, which were designated as being educational: meetings, to be hosted by the local associations. In June 1969, the state meeting was held at Ada, Oklahoma, at the Fairgrounds building, hosted by the East Central Oklahoma Beekeepers Association. This turned out to be a very worthwhile meeting not only for the gracious hospitality of the host association, but also for the speech given by Dr. Wm. G. Peterson, famous allergy specialist. Dr. Peterson recommended pure raw honey as a cure for most allergies and hay fever patients. In two months time his speech had been printed some 20 thousand times in newspapers and medical journals all over the country. It was a "shot in the arm" for all beekeepers large and small.

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